Francesc Boix: a look over Mauthausen, the exhibition

Francesc Boix: a look over Mauthausen, the exhibition

After its stay at the Catalonia History Museum, the exhibition “Beyond Mauthausen. Francesc Boix, photographer” will be open at the Railway Museum from April 15th to June 30th.

The exhibition illustrates the passionate testimony of Catalan photographer Francesc Boix, from his youth experiences during the Civil War and exile, deportation to the Nazi concentration camp, his freedom and his life as photojournalist after 1945. Photographer Francisco Boix was committed to the memory and dignity of more than 7,000 Republicans deported, and a key witness in the trials of Nuremberg and Dachau at the moment to indict the Nazi leaders and guards of several concentration camps.


This exhibition is part of the various lines of work of the Buchenwald Project, carried out by the Museum and the Amical Mauthausen, which aims to promote the knowledge and awareness of the collective memory in schools.

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