1. The old steam locomotives and the machines deposit

Visit aimed at all levels of primary and secondary

The Museum holds the largest collection of steam locomotives in Europe located in a unique setting: a railway equipment from the nineteenth century, which was the maintenance and repair of machines deposit. This visit allows us to discover the history and evolution of railway locomotives through the first original engines, and know about the work spaces.

Guided Tour – € 4.5 / Directed Tour – € 3 / Free Tour – € 2


2. The travelers from the Future

Visit aimed at second year of kindergarten and primary school

An initiative of the Railway Museum of Catalonia and Railway Commuter of Catalonia to introduce children to the world of the railway, its advantages as a sustainable way of transport and promoting their use for civic responsibility.

Guided Tour – € 4.5 / Directed Tour – € 3


3. The Secrets of Mr. Gumà

Visit aimed at Middle and Upper Primary

The arrival of the railroad in 1881 to Vilanova, as in other towns, was an extraordinary accomplishment, with varying difficulties and obstacles, made possible by some brave men. One of them was FrancescGumai Ferran. With this activity you will know his history, the original elements and vehicles acquired for the construction of the railway line between Barcelona and Vilanova, and the importance of the train to the capital of Garraf.

Guided Tour – € 4.5


4. Walking next to the trains

Visit aimed at kindergarten education

Special visit aimed at younger children. It is a walk through the museum so they can see the trains up close and know their main features: a short trip for some first discoveries.

Directed Visit – € 3 / Free Tour – € 2


5. The Mataró lane and Miquel Biada

Activity organized jointly with the Department of Education of the City of Mataró

Visit aimed at all levels of secondary

The first railway in the Iberian Peninsula was the railroad that covered the Barcelona-Mataró line. MiquelBiada, a Catalan “indiano”, was its driving force. The visit brings us to the figure of Mr. Biada of how he carried out this major project and the changes brought by the industry and the society of the time.

Guided Tour – € 4.5


6. The volunteers of the Museum and their experience as railworkers

Visit aimed at all levels of primary and secondary

This activity involves very special participants: our volunteers. Most of these people have been involved during his working life to the railroad. Currently they offer part of their time to the museum, sharing their experiences.

Guided Tour – € 4.5


7. Visit the temporary exhibition: Exhibition Thematic Project Buchenwald (1st half of 2016)

Aimed at ESO and Bachelor-High School level

This is the 4th year that the Museum,with other organizations and High Schools work on this project,from a proposal put forward by the AmicalMauthausen and other prisoner camps. The railway, a silent witness of the deportation process was a means of transportation to various Nazi concentration camps. The Project Buchenwald main objectives is emphasize and disseminate the history of the concentration camps to students, so that they are knowledgeable and never forgotten, because the serious situation experienced.

Guided Tour – 1€




1. TRAIN-tale

Workshop aimed at second year of kindergarten and primary school.

The history of the museum vehicles explained with a tale, to make it easier and fun to understand the history of the main characters of the museum: the trains.

Visit + workshop: 4.5€


2. Pixelated train

Workshop aimed at second year of kindergarten and primary school.

This activity is an original way to learn the different types of trains and their main features. The children will make a brief tour of the Museum and then go to the workshop to create different types of trains from large geometric pieces of different shapes and colors, which will stick to the wall like a big collage of pixels.

Visit + workshop: 4.5€


3. The train game. Energy and society

Workshop aimed at primary and middle initial cycle

This game is a fun way to learn the evolution of different types of traction (steam, diesel and electricity) and observe the changes that have occurred in the way of traveling throughout the years.

Visit + workshop: 4.5€


4. The steam boxes

Workshop aimed at primary.

What role did the water? What is the purpose of the stones that we see on the tracks?The children will make a brief tour of the Museum and then go to the workshop to answer all this questions and more.

Visit + workshop: 4.5€




1. Electricity and rail: locomotives and signaling

Visit aimed at all levels of primary and secondary

This visit allows us to know the basic features of electric locomotives and their advantages over steam locomotives, as well as what changes brought the introduction of electric traction to the railroad in terms of efficiency and sustainability. With the electricity, the first signs electric lights appeared on the tracks to improve circulation and safety of the railway. The Railway Museum exhibits outstanding elements from all periods, as the old table enclaves and traffic control signals and Bridge station France Barcelona.

Guided Tour -4.5 €


2. Technology and railroad: diesel locomotives and Talgo

Visit aimed at all levels of primary and secondary

Through the diesel locomotives, students can learn the basic operation of these machines and their uses and advantages. The activity also includes a tour of the historic vehicles of the company Talgo, leading from its beginnings to the present innovation in railway and a visit to the newly opened “Talgospace”.

Guided Tour – 4.5€


3. The railway advanced traction systems

Activity organized jointly with the UPC (Polytechnics University of Catalonia)

Visit aimed at secondary school, high school and professional training

The format of this activity is dual:on one hand there is a tour to the museum facilities, stressing the importance of vehicles and other items related to electric and diesel traction; and on second hand, a visit to the engine laboratory at UPC (Polytechnics University of Catalonia)

Guided Tour – 4.5€


4. Evolution and maintenance of railway vehicles

Activity organized in conjunction with Renfe workshop, Maintenance and Manufacturing, S.A.

Visit aimed at secondary school and professional training

TheMuseum facilities, built in the late nineteenth century, together with the Central Station and the great workshop for repairs Renfe, set up a large rail hub and part of it is still active today. Through the visit to the facilities of the Museum and Maintenance workshop, students will learn how railway and workplaces changedthroughout years.

To make this visit, assistants must present a list with full name and ID, to grant them access to the workshops.

Guided Tour – 4.5 €


5. Engineering and railway snacks

Activity organized jointly with the UPC (Polytechnics University of Catalonia)

Visit aimed at secondary school and professional training.

The activity is carried out in co-operation with the UPC Campus of Vilanova. This proposal offers guided open laboratories and classrooms, with the possibility of experiments, test software, etc., accompanied by university teachers.

To make a reservation for this activity you should contact directly the communication department of the UPC Vilanova, phone 93 896 77 01




*All prices are per person.

*These activitis require previous reservation. If you are interested in any of those, please contact the museum.